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Things ARR can do:

- He can recite one through ten and A-G. I don't think he actually understands what numbers mean aside from one, but he can at least say them by rote. (He's actually very good at "just one", and if told will carefully put things back until he has only one.) He also knows that A is for Apple and I think recognizes the letter A, although I don't think he understands what that means, either.

- He's got his colors down. He likes blue best, shortly followed by pink and then purple. (I think he doesn't so much care about the color purple, but he really seems to enjoy saying the word.) Red, green, and black are also liked. He's iffy on yellow, as it's very hard to say, and I can't tell if he can't differentiate orange from red or just can't say the word "orange". Here, I'm sure he knows what he's talking about--he correctly identifies the colors of objects or points to objects of a specified color about three quarters of the time. (He also mixes up Chuck and my names when excited or distressed, so I think sometimes it just takes him a couple tries to sort through his words and come up with the one he's looking for.)

- He knows most of the major farm animals and several other assorted animals, and the noises they make. Owls and monkeys are still the preferred animal, although he enjoyed roaring when dressed as a lion for Halloween.

- He discovered this weekend that you can do things with playdough and return it to its original form. We made playdough and he was hysterically upset when we first broke off pieces. He didn't calm down until we returned it to ball form, which he clutched protectively for some time after. Chuckro finally managed to convince him to relinquish the sanctity of the playdough. Now he mostly insists that we make him dump trucks and snakes out of it. One of these things is easier to make than the other.


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