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I'm not dealing with photos at this point. If you want photos, you can go to Facebook.

When I was trying to decide where to go on our family vacation, I couldn’t help but remember last fall when I took ARR up to the Bronx Zoo. We spent an hour and a half getting there and $50 for the fancy tickets. Later, he claimed his favorite animals were the lions. He picked these at random. I’m sure, because my memory of the lions consisted of me pointing to the lions and saying “Ooh, look, ARR, lions! Do you see the lions?” while he spent, no shit, seven solid minutes ignoring the lions to dance on a rock sticking out of the pavement. (Halfway through, he paused, turned to me, and solemnly informed me, “This is a very long dance, Mommy” before going back to what he was doing.)

So when I briefly considered Disney, I thought about how I would feel if we spent several thousand dollars flying down to Florida so he could dance on a rock in the hotel parking lot.

You want rocks, kid? Great. You get rocks.

So I rented a house in Acadia National Park. And convinced my parents to come join us. Grandparent bonding time, hiking partners that aren’t Chuckro, not-hiking time for Chuckro.

I bet this is the part where you’re trying to figure out what I didn’t think of.

The answer is nothing. I am a freaking genius.

Ok, the drive wasn’t the best thing ever. Maine is really far away, yo. But we broke it up with overnights with relatives we like, and stops in Freeport (to go to LL Bean) and Portland (for the children’s museum). And it wasn’t too bad.

But basically, it was awesome because I am the logistics queen. ARR decided that 48 degree ocean water is what we should definitely cover ourselves in? Bam! Rented house has a washer and dryer. Everyone reads the guidebooks that suggest “popping in for a popover at Jordan Pond House”? Bam! Guess who had reservations and waltzed in while all the hikers gave us dirty looks! Kid has been talking about eating lobster and crab for a week straight? ...foiled. He completely refused to eat the damn crab roll he’d begged for. Oh, well, can’t win them all.

Seriously, Acadia’s gorgeous. Even though it was totally fogged in for most of the time we were there. It mostly just made it mysterious and cool, and we got a couple days of clear weather so that we could actually see some of the views. And hiking out to Bar Island (where you have to cross a sandbar that’s only there for a couple hours a day--tough luck if you’re still out there when the tide comes back in) when you literally couldn’t see the island and just had to hike out this little spit of sand off into the fog and hope that was a foghorn and not a tourist-eating monster was way cooler than it could have been on a pretty day.

ARR did pretty well on the hikes--he’s a little trooper when he wants to be. And boy does that kid love climbing on rocks. But the big hit was Sand Beach, which has a little tidal stream flowing into the ocean. You can dig holes and channels and redirect the water, and throw rocks in and pull rocks out and generally just mess about with the world’s biggest sand table. We went three days out of the week we were there.

We all loved Diver Ed’s Dive-in Theater, where they take you out on a boat, send a diver down with a video camera, and then haul up sea creatures for you to poke in a touch tank. Well, ARR loved the holding sea creatures part. (He’s in love with sea cucumbers for some reason.) Less enamored of the boat part.

And the lumberjack show was particularly hilarious because it turns out Chuckro and I saw the owner’s brother’s lumberjack show in Ketchikan Alaska about 10 years ago.

Overall, it was just a great vacation.

With a lot of lobster.
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