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Really excellent weekend.

Friday, I went down to Princeon for the evening to have dinner and hang out and go to the Wildcats arch sing. I've realized over the years that the secret to Reunions is that there's no right way to do Reunions. I didn't bother with the tents this time around...actually, I made it out having drunk a lemonade and a lot of water and that's about it. (A total of six scoops of ice cream for the weekend, though, so it's not like I was unindulgent.) Anyway, the 'Cats were not perhaps at their best this year. The MD's conducting...leaves things to be desired. I ended up singing several solos not my own because no one was stepping up and it was really awkward to have no actual words. And didn't sing my actual solos because other, older alums clearly wanted them more. Afterwards, hung out at Frist with E and a couple other 'Cats, which was lovely and quiet and involved chairs and comfortable temperatures. E and I drove back home and she crashed with us.

Saturday, ARR and Chuckro and I took the train down. We kind of messed up--we thought the band concert was an hour earlier than it actually was. Which ended up just fine--the wristband registration was at the hockey rink, and ARR was enthralled by the women's hockey team. So he and I hung out and watched that for awhile before continuing on. He will tolerate the band for a couple songs, but really, they're much too loud for him. So we did some wandering and exploring of adjacent architectural features. There was the now-traditional takeout lunch at Campus, which avoids a lot of crowds and is far more congenial to small people. We've started a small movement at this point.

We skipped most of the P-rade in favor of the bouncy slide that was now empty because everyone else was at the P-rade. And the kids' zone worth of toys and blocks that was, again, empty. It was just us and a couple friends with their own small children. ARR was excited about being in the parade...and promptly fell asleep in the stroller, sleeping through the band picnic. He wanted ice cream and was very angry when I detoured to find Chuckro at the Koleinu concert. He did not want to listen to a song. He absolutely did not want to listen to a song. He listened to "Hallelujah." He chattered, awed, about how beautiful it was and how it was the best thing all day all the way up the hill. Met more friends with another small child. Basically, this was a series of like half a dozen playdates.

We decided to stay for the fireworks this year. Making the 10pm Dinky would mean leaving early and a sprint across campus, but I figured 15 min of fireworks should be enough. They started 20 minutes late, so I gave up on getting home at a reasonable time. But it was totally worth it. These were ARR's first fireworks, and he was completely dazzled. LOVED them. And he was very cooperative on the way back to the train. Fell asleep on me. (Although that made getting through the turnstiles at Newark super fun. Multiple cops just standing around while I wrestled an unconscious four year old, a stroller, and a backpack through. I had to pull my Metrocard with my teeth, because my PATH card was empty.)

Sunday could have been hellish. But we were all so exhausted...we just slept. Giant family nap. It was glorious.
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