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Chuckro's birthday party was on Monday, and it was raining, so I took ARR on an adventure to get him out of the house so Chuckro could do party prep. We headed for the Brooklyn Children's Museum, which I'd interviewed for a job at a long time ago, but never actually been to the exhibits at. Before we left, I checked the website, which said very clearly and explicitly in big letters that while they're not usually open on Mondays, they would be open on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29.

So we took the train out. And it rained heavily on us as we trekked through Bed-Stuy. ARR was not particularly happy about the rain, or the walk. He threatened to turn around and go home a few times, but at that point, we were just a few blocks from the museum. I cajoled him along. Two more blocks. One more block. Look, you can see the signs, we're almost there.

You see where this is going, don't you?

Yeah, they were closed. Or rather, they were apparently open for a specific school group but no one else. There were harried employees standing at the door, handing out free passes for a visit another time. There was also a burgeoning mob of disappointed toddlers and irate parents. The parents were more upset--most of the children were just stunned.

Did I mention it was raining?

So I had to come up with an alternate plan. Fortunately, someone in the crowd mentioned that the Jewish Children's Museum was a few blocks away. Convincing ARR was more of a problem. He was extremely put out by the change in plans. He didn't want to go to that museum, he wanted to go to this one. (Never mind he's never been to either and didn't know what was in either one.) He was going to go home. He several times turned around and tried to march off into random directions in Brooklyn. He very dramatically dropped his umbrella, and then stood there in the rain, pouting, slowly drooling on the ground. (In protest? In despair? I have no idea what was with the drooling, other than he knew I didn't want him to do it.)

We got there and he had a perfectly fine time. (It's an...odd museum. But they had sparkly crafts, so he was happy enough.)


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