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I took ARR up to the Palisades to go on his first real hike today. (This was a trial run for our vacation in Acadia in June.)

Damn, kiddo. You're a hiking champ. The trail turned out to be quite a bit more challenging than anticipated--I'd been under the impression we were going to a waterfall at the top of the Palisades. No, we climbed down and back up the full height of the Palisades in two and a half miles, mostly over the course of two enormous and extremely steep stone staircases and a bunch of very muddy stream crossings. ARR loved it. He had to scramble up steps that were nearly chest high on him, and he did it like a pro. People on the trail were flabbergasted by him, cheerfully climbing up and down while chattering all the while about the woods safety rules I'd drilled him on earlier in the day. ("He's how old?" I kept hearing.) He did so, so well. Got a little upset when he fell and got all muddy, but was fine as soon as I washed his hands off. (I had clean pants in the backpack, because I'm not an idiot. We changed when we got back up to the snack bar.)

So we got to see a really impressive waterfall, and a cool snake, and poked the Hudson with a stick because the stick needed to be "good and wet" for some reason. And he had a marvelous time, and I'm so damn proud of him.


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